Help Com1 Ip Pbx Reports



CDR – Call Details Recorder is one of the most striking features of Com1 IPPBX. The following sections help you navigate the menu and pin down to the details you are looking for with minimum efforts.

Date Search – You can select From Date & To Date for data filtering. By default it loads the current date as most of the searches will be for current date. For wild card search on the data you can use Search option.

Row Count View – By default system loads 10 last sorted data based on date & time of the call. If you wish more data on display you can choose 25, 50 or 100 option. 

Data Sorting – If you wish to sort the displayed data, you can do so by clicking on the required heading. You can move to the previous or next page with the link provided in the right hand side bottom of the report.

To make this report more effective, Com1 provides tagging the data to Caller Name based on CLI as well as tag every call based on categories & remarks that would help retrieval at a later date. (Eg : Share broking company can Tag the call as Confirmation Call, Payment Call etc as well as put remarks as L&T Purchase dispute call so that the data is stored with this tag and transferred to Voice Logger also and helps you take the file even after years when needed among thousands of accumulated data.)

If voice file is critical for your business, we strongly recommend tagging every call at the end of call by respective callers or at least at the end of the day which you help you track the calls at the later date without listening to many files in search of a file. Searching the needle in a box is a far better option than searching in a haystack.


Blacklist : You can blacklist any number using this menu and create a dialplan. When the blacklisted caller calls next time the server will automatically disconnect the call or play some message like ‘Your Number is Blacklisted, Please do not call again” or divert the call to some other less relevant extensions.

The system takes the Name of the caller in 3 ways. 

  • You can use this screen and start building the database as and when you receive the call.
  • From the directory that is created by all users in User Panel
  • Data procured from your server on a periodic way (can be automated) by a hyperlink

You can tag the calls with categories & remarks as explained above for retrieval later.

Spreadsheet Export


Various reports provided by Com1 system can be exported to Spreadsheet format and can be retrieved in popular office applications like Excel. This will intelligently opens date request fields only for date filtered reports and not for MIS reports.

Email Trigger


This is one of the great features Com1 offers you. This generates periodic emails with a minimum of 1 hour & a gap of 1 hour virtually covering any logical requirements. This trigger will send details only of any new entries between the last trigger and now. Currently offered triggers are:

Context: This is based on any dial plan that is created (eg: All Auto Attendant calls or Drone Calls or Missed calls etc).

Extension: This offers trigger for only incoming, only outgoing, only missed call or all calls for any specific extension. eg If you are supervisor of a call centre and you want email generated for callers extension say 200, 201 to track the productivity you can configure the same under this option.

Network: This is very useful for network managers which will send an email on any new device has been added to network that has not been configured as well as any registered device is inactive in the network for over 24 hours. While the former will track any unauthorised entry into your network later will give information on any unreported possible breakdown of any device for over 24 hours. For this to work you need to activate Lan Update option under Server Tools → Sch. Maintenance with a minimum of 1 hour gap.

Number Exception: If you want to trigger an event that dials any specific number by any of the extensions or an incoming call from any specific number or both incoming or outgoing, you can use this option.

Periodic: This is almost similar to Extension option but without extension filtering. This will be really useful if you want all the Missed calls to be reported every hour or end of the day as well as incoming / outgoing calls without extension filtering at end of day or even hourly.

Time Exception: This is much similar to Number Exception but reports all calls or incoming or outgoing based on duration (in minutes). eg If you want all calls above 10 Minutes with an email every 1 hour can be scheduled under this. 

Voicemail: Voicemail is an effective call handling mechanism that gives the power of being there at all times at the extension but the callers may lose confidence & stop using ,if there is no response in reasonable time frame. This option gives a mail of any uncleared Voicemails by any extension to administrator which shall bring forth  accountability in handling voicemail and act as a deterrent in ignoring voicemails.


All the created triggers are displayed in this grid and you can delete irrelevant or outdated triggers.

Call Category


This screen helps you create Category Master to be used is CDR. You can Add, Edit & Delete entries.