Help Com1 Ip Pbx Settings

Bridge Conference

This section helps you create bridge conference. The Conferences Module is used to create a single extension number that your users can dial so that they can talk to each other in a conference call.  Internal Users can dial 902 and log-in to Bridge while any outsider can dial in through any allotted telecom resources for Bridge Conference.


Conference Id – Use this number to dial into the conference.

User PIN / Password – Optional – You can require callers to enter a password before they can enter this conference. If either PIN is entered, the user will be prompted to enter a PIN. The user PIN should be different from the admin PIN.

Admin PIN – Enter a PIN number for the admin user. When a user enters this PIN, he/she will be identified as the conference leader.

Conference Name – This is identification name for the conference

Type – Four Different options D – Daily, M – Monthly, O – One Time, Weekly with O that will expire after one time usage while the others will reschedule itself in the time either Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Start Time – This is starting time of the conference and log in is allowed only after this time.

Duration – The conference will expire after this duration in minutes from the scheduled start time irrespective of when you actually started the conference.

Maximum Pax– This will set maximum number of users allowed in this conference room.


You can edit / delete the existing conference entries anytime

Music On Hold

This section helps you to create various Music On Hold to be used for different application like Incoming Calls, Bridge Conference, Follow me, ACD  to name a Few. Com1 offers a gallery of Songs, Jokes & Hold Prompts under various categories that can be mixed & matched to create your custom Hold on Music. Apart from this our Upload option helps your upload your own custom files that also can be used in Mix & Match.

Context : This is the starting point that names the context with an option to decide, how the chosen files are played with the following options.

random = Sort & Play the files in random order.

Alpha = Sort the files in alphabetical order. 


Upload : You can upload any .wav files in this section categorised Language & Type wise which can be used to add to the above created context. 


Files : This section lists all your files as well as gallery files with an option to filter on language or category. You can Play & Listen to choose your files, Download or Delete (Only for your Uploaded Files and not for Gallery)


Create : In this section you will move files to the context which will now complete the creation of Hold On Music. On the left hand side screen, you can list the files available filtered by language & category which can be moved to the right side which lists the context. You can move up or down or delete the chosen files at any point of time and save. On every save based on the position the files get renamed and stored. You can edit any context unlimited number of times.



This section helps you to configure settings for various feature parameter and integration parameter.

Network: This helps you to change the IP Address For Com1 IPPBX from default IP of Lot of care to be  taken here, as any wrong entry will make the whole system unusable and may need our assistance to sort it out.  You can get more details under ‘Router Settings’ on how to set IP Address for this system as well as configure under LAN/WAN environment in a secure way. You can also assign upto 5 more IP Address to the same network card under Admin → Main → Network


Data Archive : Data purging is an important function of any manufacturer as clogging of unnecessary data not only affects the system performance but also make it all the more tougher to search the data needed currently. Com1 gives option to purge Voice recording Files & CDR data post expiry of this period automatically.


SMS : This is useful for SMS Integration of various events in the system. By default system offers a free SMS integration service which will have COMPBX as SMS sender ID and every message will have a suffix of — You can purchase SMS credits from your dealer and have your own sender ID and remove our advertisement suffix. 


Email : As like SMS, we do have Email subscription for Email integration. Default Email accounts will have sender identity as which you can change to your own ID by subscribing to this service.


SMS Templates : This option allows you to create Custom SMS message for Missed call, Abandoned Calls & Unpicked call with a msg limit of 145 Characters. You can activate / deactivate this service here. You can also restore the default message by pressing Default button.

Missed Call: This message is initiated when an incoming call becomes a missed call.

Abandoned Call : This message is initiated under ACD option and any call is abandoned either by caller or timed out.

Unpicked Call : This message is sent when your outgoing call is unpicked by your named person. For this facility to work effectively, you are requested to fill up your Name, Mobile & Email details properly as we get those data from the extensions.


FTP : You can configure your FTP server for Database backup & Voicefile back up. 


Trunk : Using this section you can configure various trunk access codes for different features. Eg Trunk code to be accessed for Emergency Number Dialling or External Call Forwarding etc.


Night Mode : This will indicate the mode that system is in currently as well as the ringing context for night mode.


Dropbox Integration : You can link your dropbox account to take backup automatically of your voicefiles & databases in 3 easy steps as below. Once linked and autobackup is set, the files will be moved to your dropbox account as per your schedule automatically.

Step1: Connect Dropbox


Step2: Authenticate Dropbox


Step3 : Connection Intimation with Unlink Option


You can use Edit option to change the current value in all the above options.


Com1 offers an unmatched flexibility in setting Holiday mode right to any hour of the day. This setting is split into 3 possible options which can virtually give you complete flexibility to plan your ringing pattern to any logical wild expectations from an EPABX.

Note : Manual Day / Night Mode Setting supersedes this setting

  1. Daily

You can select any hour slot in the day (0 – 23) for various ringing pattern automatically. eg – If you want lunch time message to be played in afternoon between 2PM to 3PM or you want the calls to land with security automatically after 6 PM till 9 AM next day or any other requirement like that can be set here. You can have different time for different Days eg- You can have different settings for Weekdays like Monday or a Half working Day like Saturday or a full holiday Sunday.


While the previous option takes care of any hour slot in a day, Weekly option supercedes Daily option and takes care of full day like Sunday / Saturday from 12.00 AM to 11.59 PM


This supersedes the above 2 options by taking care of specific dates eg. Christmas / New Year or any other scheduled holidays as well as unscheduled such as local bandh etc. You can different ringing patterns for different dates. eg: you can play a Happy Xmas message for Christmas  as well as announce a local Bandh message on a Bandh day.

Incoming Priority In Sequence:

  • Holiday Setting (Yearly) – Can be bypassed for a trunk by selecting No to holiday setting
  • Holiday Setting (Weekly) – Can be bypassed for a trunk by selecting No to holiday setting
  • Holiday Setting (Daily) – Can be bypassed for a trunk by selecting No to holiday setting
  • Day/Night Setting (Manual) – Can be bypassed for a trunk by selecting No to holiday setting
  • Day Mode

Voice Files

This sections gives you options to get voice files to be used in various applications eg. Auto Attendant, Announcement etc. 


You can create / upload voice files in following ways. 

  • You can record directly by using a good quality speaker directly using Record option.
  • You can upload a wav file using Upload option.
  • You can type a text which will get converted into speech by using Text2Speech option. As we use opensource Festival engine for this application, you may get only an american accent as output. In future we shall be proving other voice options.

Note :  You Need to press Apply Changes after every upload.


You can play & verify the voice files as well as delete the existing files.

Content Files

This sections gives you options to upload .pdf files to create Templates for Email attachments to be used under our User & Agent panels. This is nothing but a library of files that can be used for any operation later. Uploading is a simple process using Add New section of this menu.


Logo Files

In this section you can upload a logo of your company with size 80(Height) X 250 (Length) of type .jpg, which will customise the user panels like user, agent & ccslead with your logo. In this section, you can upload & delete the file at your disposal. 


After upload of logo, the same same screen gives only the option to delete the logo. If no logo is uploaded default Com1 logo will be displayed.



This sections creates SMS / Email Templates to be used under our User panels. 

SMS Templates:


Name : Name this message, to recall later from Agent section. Naming needs to be unambiguous as well as easy to understand.

Message : Ensure it does not cross 145 Characters for easy delivery.

Email Templates:


ReplyTo Email : As the Emails will be sent from a common email ID , any replies are responses to your email will be sent to this email id.

Subject : Subject portion of your Email.

Salutation : As the email is generic and as specific addressing is not possible, it is better to use generic addressing like Dear Sir/ Madam,  Dear Customer, etc.

Body : Body portion of your Email.

Closing : As the email is generic and as specific closing is not possible, it is better to use generic closing like Regards, Look forward for your valuable response etc.

Signature : As the email is generic , Signature is critical to enable the recipient to call back with ease. We would suggest your Name @ Mobile eg Sabari Girija @ 9884266666.


All forms of communication including Incoming & Outgoing will be barred for the numbers listed under this section.  A separate disposition is provided in CCS for this option to enable agents to blacklist any shouting customers to save the other agents from the harassment.  We suggest a periodic review for any unauthorised entry of numbers and delete using the Delete option provided.


Top Settings Options


On the Top of GUI you will find the above options

Apply Changes: It is mandatory that after every changes you use this option to ensure the changes are impacted in the server. This will also create a local back-up as well as cloud back-up (If only connected to Internet) of your system settings which can be later retrieved.

Version Update: As the product gets updated frequently, this option will help you update with the latest Firmware. Ensure working internet connectivity to the server while using this option.

Cloud Restore: This option helps you roll back to previously working database. Every time you make changes, only the system data is stored in our server with timestamp format – YYYYmmDDhhMMss which can be restored anytime later.


Same Server: If the restore option is needed in the same server eg. To rollback to an older update due to an issue faced in the new changes, you can use this option.

Different Server: This option is used under full breakdown scenario where in the Server is replaced. You can select this option and enter your serial no on the textbox, which will give all the updated data till the last update which can be restored in no time.

In the event of breakdown:

  • Replace the Server
  • Replace the Network cable
  • Use this option and select the latest working database 
  • Press Restore 
  • You are up & running in less than a minute
  • You may lose the Cdr & Voice files in the new setup which can be retrieved by us later in our service centre.