Help Com1 Ip Pbx Voice Logger

Voice Logger


Com1 Offers a power packed Voice Logger option never heard before in telecom industry. Though the screen is much similar like CDR, but offers Play, Download & Email Option. While most other PBX’s store the files in .wav format we have consciously chosen a 10 times more compressed format of .gsm thereby saving a lot of space for you. The storage capacity of the hard disk gets multiplied by 10 times due to this (eg if you have 1 TB storage space for any other EPABX, Com1 gives storage equivalent to 10 TB due to compressed .gsm format). 

Search Options : While From Date & To Date is compulsory, but will have three different filtering options in a date range. 

All Calls : NIL a default option shall list all calls between the date range.

Particular Number Range : Enter any number range between dates eg 19019 shall list all calls that has 19019 in any part of the number.

Particular Extension : In case if you want to filter for a particular extension then add # before a valid extension number. Eg if you want the calls that was handled by 201 between 2 dates then put #201 in number.

Play – Just press this button if you want to listen to the conversation.

Email – Use this option to email a specific file using this option. The attachment format can be selected between .gsm or .wav under Settings → Features → Audio Format. In case you want to send multiple files, use Email Selected option after selecting the files. The selected files shall be sent as .zip file in the chosen format under  Settings → Features → Audio Format.


Download – You can download the file to your local computer. To play the file you need .gsm compatible player , the most widely used being VLC media player which is available in all OS. Due to highly compressed format of .gsm the file gets downloaded much faster and occupies much lesser bandwidth in case you are forwarding the same by mail.  For those who would still like to stick to .wav they can choose so under Settings → Features → Audio Format. While the storage will always be in .gsm using its high compression, this option offers Download & Email option in either .wav or .gsm. Multiple download option is available by using Download Selected option after the files. 

Row Count View – By default system loads 10 last sorted data based on date & time of the call. If you wish more data on display you can choose 25, 50 or 100 option.

Data Sorting – If you wish to sort the displayed data, you can do so by clicking on the required heading. You can move to the previous or next page with the link provided in the right hand side bottom of the report.

To make this report more effective, Com1 provides tagging the data to Caller Name based on CLI as well as tag every call based on categories & remarks that would help retrieval at a later date. (Eg : Share broking company can Tag the call as Confirmation Call, Payment Call etc as well as put remarks as L&T Purchase dispute call so that the data is stored with this tag and transferred to Voice Logger also and helps you take the file even after years when needed among thousands of accumulated data.)

If voice file is critical for your business, we strongly recommend tagging every call at the end of call by respective callers or at least at the end of the day which you help you track the calls at the later date without listening to many files in search of a file. Searching the needle in a box is a far better option than searching in a haystack.


Blacklist : You can blacklist any number using this menu and create a dialplan. When the blacklisted caller calls next time the server will automatically disconnect the call or play some message like ‘Your Number is Blacklisted, Please do not call again” or divert the call to some other less relevant extensions.

The system takes the Name of the caller in 3 ways.

  • You can use this screen and start building the database as and when you receive the call.
  • From the directory that is created by all users in User Panel
  • Data procured from your server on a periodic way (can be automated) by a hyperlink

You can tag the calls with categories & remarks as explained above for retrieval later. In case you feel that this file is a worthy file for training module you select option Yes instead of a default No. This file will be moved permanently to training module for retrieval under select category and be used for training.

Call Category


This screen helps you create Category Master to be used is CDR. You can Add, Edit & Delete entries.

Back Up


Com1 offers auto backup facility of voice files for the previous day at a prefixed time next day over ftp. The files are stored in ftp://<home>/VOICEFILES/<YYYYmmDD>. Kindly store your ftp credentials and select Yes in this option.
** Ensure that a Directory VOICEFILES is created inside your ftp home directory.